Thursday, June 29, 2017
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Variety Bash blitzes through town

The Variety Bash made a whirlwind visit to Narrandera yesterday, enjoying breakfast at Narrandera Public School.
25 May 2017

The Variety Bash made a whirlwind visit to Narrandera yesterday, enjoying breakfast at Narrandera Public School.
From Narrandera the Bashers went to Maimuru, near Young, where they had lunch at Maimuru Public School, and then on to Yass.
Variety representative Alison Buckland said the Bashers loved visiting Narrandera and thanked the community for welcoming them.
The Variety Bash is made up of around 80 cars, all of which are models from 1978 or earlier.
The Bash travels 2,500 kilometres in a week to distribute grants to small schools across the state. 
The distance can be quite an effort for some of the older cars, with a couple of vehicles needing a bit of help in Narrandera before they left yesterday.
“There’s usually about three people to a car, so one person drives, one person navigates and one person is in the backseat, and then they all swap around,” Ms Buckland said.
Ms Buckland said she was fortunate to be in a team car.
“That means air-conditioning and a radio!”
 Across the week the Variety Bash are visiting 12 schools and delivering $51,000 worth of grants. It’s entirely up to the schools how they spend their funding.
“At Narrandera they used the grant [worth $3,114] to buy learning resources, so they’ve got the means to help their students learn and to make that learning fun. 
“At Maimuru they’re getting a 3D printer and a robot. They’re getting the means to teach their kids how to code, which more and more people are going to need to learn to do in the future.
“The grant was used for virtual reality technology at Bogan Gate school. There are nine students there, and the other day they all got to use it to walk through an Egyptian tomb,” Ms Buckland said.
According to Ms Buckland, the virtual reality technology also meant the students could swim with whales.
“These kids are all the way inland, and they get to see what it’s like to swim with a whale pod.”
The grants essentially mean that students in small rural classrooms won’t miss out on the opportunities readily available to their urban counterparts.
“That’s what Variety is really passionate about; making sure that kids have every opportunity in life, whether they come from a regional area or whether they have a disability,” Ms Buckland said.
From Yass the Variety Bash will continue on to Bathurst and Muswellbrook, before finishing at Bar Beach on Saturday.

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