Thursday, June 29, 2017
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Changes afoot for Rod Run

Proposed changes to the 2018 Earlies Rod Run are on the way.
01 June 2017

There are changes afoot to the 2018 Earlies Rod Run to be held at Narrandera next Easter after a meeting between the Narrandera Shire Council and Rod Run co-organiser Steven Alldrick.

Mr Alldrick was very positive about the outcome of Monday’s meeting and was pleased to see that the Council was already aware of nearly all of his concerns.

“It’s not major issues, it’s just little things. Parking areas, portable toilets. Robyn [Council’s Economic Development and Attraction Investment Manager, Robyn Ryan] has put a few things down.”

Mr Alldrick was glad to see that his plans for signs and other forms of advertising across the area would be feasible.

“They’re doing new signage across the whole shire, so that can be incorporated in their costs. Robyn’s going to work on a budget for TV advertising. They’re doing a new Newell Highway brochure, so we can try to be included in the events section of that.”

Mr Alldrick is especially keen to improve Saturday night’s lapping the main.

“We’re going to come back in late October-early November and map out a road closure plan. Look perhaps at barricades and maybe having security there. Just looking at ways to keep the traffic flowing. We’ll try to put some more toilets in the main street.

“And we do want to create parking exclusion zones; from basically the Shire offices to the Commonwealth Bank we’d like to see as Rod Run parking only. Lack of parking has been something that entrants have talked about a lot.”

Mr Alldrick would also like to see the main street lapping brought forward to an earlier time.

“If we have it at four or five in the afternoon and finish it at nine or so at night – it might mean that in the years that Easter is early it’ll be all in daylight.  That’s a shame, because the street does look awesome all lit up, but for safety it might be better. It gets a bit dodgy after nine.

“We might look at a greater police presence too, just having them more visible on the street. We just need the public to feel a bit more looked after.

“It’s a really family-oriented thing and Robyn realised that.”

The only real bone of contention that has been concerning for Rod Runners is the Lake Talbot caravan park.

According to Mr Alldrick, the caravan park has changed owners four times in the last six years, which has led to some confusion for both successive owners and Rod Run entrants.

According to Mr Alldrick, some Rod Run entrants have lost deposits and bookings in the past as ownership changed hands, or have been asked to pay for minimum bookings that are not feasible or longer than the weekend.

“The only thing I brought up that Council were surprised about was the caravan park being exorbitant. They’re going to – not step in and subsidise, but talk to people. The caravan park changing owners four times in the last six years has affected us.

“But we have people who’ve been coming to Narrandera for Easter for so long that they joke that they’d be here even without the Rod Run.”

Mr Alldrick would like to see Narrandera really get behind the event and realise just how much it can put into the town.

“We really just want to educate the public about the event. And we want to educate local businesses about putting back into the town.

“We’ve had a builder once who sponsored us for $1000. We asked him why he did it; it wasn’t like we were directly affecting his business. He said that after the last year’s Rod Run the pubs and clubs had earned enough money to hire him for $30,000 worth of work. ‘So I need you to come back’, he said.”

Mr Alldrick said it was important for businesses to remember that money made over the weekend would keep flowing throughout the town.

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