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Angel's second chance

RADAR member Lea McGuiness and Ned Gilies gave Angel, a six-month-old puppy, a second chance at life.
22 November 2012

In June I visited the Narrandera Pound and discovered an adorable six-month-old pup with the most amazing eyes. I named her Angel -  she was very gentle and she won me over immediately.

As part of the RADAR team I rescued her from the pound and she became part of our family while waiting to find her special ‘forever’ home. From her time on the streets of Narrandera she had a small puncture wound on her side and had torn the cruciate ligament in her back leg, but her easy going nature meant she deserved a second chance.

Angel spent three months in foster care at our home; she got along with every person and animal that she met. From the smallest puppy to a young foal, she would lick their faces and ‘talk’ to them -she has such an amazing nature.

In September I received a phone call from Ned Gilies who owns Australia’s most famous dog  The Dog On the Tuckerbox at Gundagai. Ned was looking for a companion that was laid back with an extremely gentle nature because years ago he was attacked by a savage dog and nearly lost his leg as a result (over 180 stitches).

Ned is still very wary of dogs but wanted the companionship that a dog provides and he wanted to provide a rescue dog with a loving home.

So for a few weekends Ned visited with us in Narrandera to meet Angel and to build a rapport with her. The visits went very well and Angel worked her charm and quickly won Ned over and she soon became ‘Ned’s beautiful girl’.

Ned told me he was telling everyone he met about Angel and how he was going to adopt her from RADAR and the great work that we do in saving animals and finding them new homes.

Angel has now been with Ned since the end of September and is an integral part of Ned’s life. Angel accompanies Ned around the grounds at The Dog and helps to greet visitors and their ‘furkids’. She is always up for a pat or her favourite - a belly rub.

 Everyone knows Ned and his Angel. Ned cannot imagine life now without his girl and Angel is helping him to overcome his fear of dogs and provides the best kind of company.

Ned supports many local charities throughout the Riverina including Riverina Bluebell, The Amie Foundation, RADAR Inc, Camp Quality and The Cancer Council.

This Saturday  November 24 is a huge family day out to celebrate The Dog on the Tuckerbox’s 80th Birthday and to help raise awareness of animal rescue. Ned has invited RADAR to join in the activities.

The event is also featuring the Top Dog Ute Muster, Live Music, Market Stalls, Kids Amusements, Arts and Crafts… there is plenty on offer. Everyone is welcome, ‘furkids’ included

Lea McGuiness, RADAR.

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