Narrandera Argus
Job well done in combatting COVID


I am sure all residents of Narrandera will join with me in congratulating our business owners in he way they have worked hard to cope with the restrictions imposed by this “rotten” coronavirus.

The financial stress must be a daily burden for them but remarkably, none have shown this stress to their customers. We are a lucky town.

Two women deserve special mention. Despite the obvious problems facing the retail industry at this time, they have seen fit to enter it.

As report in the Argus (June 17), Ally Fowler opened a gourmet takeaway and florist shop in East Street next to Close Pharmacy and Ange O’Mahoney has recently purchased Country Flair.

The spirit and drive shown by these two female entrepreneurs is the characteristic get up and go that made Australia great.

We thank them, wish them the best, and I ask all shoppers to support them in the days ahead.

John Sullivan