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Border closures have left region with a shearer shortage

Border towns are seeking clarity from Government as they wait on news of essential medical and work travel exemptions, however ministers and bureaucrats remain silent as the situation worsens.
Leader of the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Robert Borsak has grave concerns if the much needed travel exemptions are not passed this week as the sick, heavily pregnant or elderly can be stuck in traffic and bridge congestion for hours.
While seasonal workers are unable to get to farms to pick fruit. Putting farms at further risk of financial devastation.
“We will see avoidable deaths occurring on the side of the road, without medical support for hours,” Mr Borsak said.
“These towns were told they would have news of medical exemptions on Monday this week, but still have no answers. This is life or death.
“Meanwhile government ministers are traipsing all over the State, having feel-good pictures taken, ignoring the urgent calls for medical and work travel exemptions. 
“One rule seems to apply to this elitist Government and another for everybody else."
SFF Member for Murray Helen Dalton has said the border closures are dividing communities and putting many farming businesses at financial risk.
Seasonal workers are now unable to get to farms to assist in essential harvest operations, and animal welfare concerns are arising.
“In Murray, they now have a shearers shortage,” Mr Borsak said.
“Where once they would have teams flying in from New Zealand to shear, they now have full wool sheep vulnerable to strike. 
“This is an animal welfare issue, where is the DPI? Because they are not answering SFF calls for urgency.
“My colleagues and I have called on the Minister for Regional New South John Barilaro, but true to form he is silent on all the significant issues.
“Maybe if it was a game of footy we might see some swift action along with his trademark bravado. 
“There needs to be an urgent intervention of common sense to these border towns now."

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